The Project

Child to Parent Violence (CPV) is the most hidden, misunderstood and stigmatised form of family violence. It involves teenage and younger girls and boys who use physical, psychological, emotional and financial abuse over time to the extent that parents/carers live in fear of their child.

The project adopted an action research methodology motivated to understand practice and policy in relation to CPV in each partner country (Spain, Bulgaria, England and Sweden) and to learn how to improve both by reflecting on the changes made through project actions. The project aimed to raise awareness of child to parent violence, find out how countries across Europe deal with it and provide resources including films and toolkits for practitioners who work with young people and parents experiencing this problem.

The project has raised awareness of two CPV intervention models currently in use – in particular Break4Change (Brighton & Hove City Council) and Non Violent Resistance (National University of Ireland, Galway) – and investigated how these models could be used effectively in other countries.

As a legacy to the project, the resources available on the website are intended to aid practitioners, including chapters of manuals for both the Break4Change and the NUI Galway Non-Violent Resistance programmes. Brighton & Hove City Council and NUI Galway continue to run training on these.

The RCPV project has supported:


  • Research into the extent of knowledge of Child to Parent Violence (CPV), the measures being taken to addressing and resisting gender inequality and power relations.
  • A cross country mapping of the extent and knowledge of CPV in each participating country (Spain, Bulgaria, England and Sweden).

Development of guidelines, monitoring and evaluation tools

  • Development of an evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of current intervention programmes that deal with child to parent violence across partner countries.

Development of self-efficacy tools for practitioners and self-assessment tools for young people and parents

  • Development of self-efficacy tools for workers, were tested across the partnership and integrated with existing child protection processes to ensure that workers can feel confident when working with CPV.

Training and Learning Programme to raise awareness and build resilience

  • We ran and evaluated several training programmes to enable practitioners to run Break4Change and Non Violent Resistance which are child to parent interventions
  • We work with practitioners to produce CPV awareness raising resources.
  • We worked with child to parent violence professionals to produce training resources for front line workers, helping them to identify CPV and build confidence in delivering specific interventions for young people and parents. These toolkits and manuals area available in the 'resources' section of this site.


  • We raised awareness of Child to Parent Violence through national and international networks, and promoted ways of combatting it
  • We ran regional seminars in Sweden, Bulgaria and Spain and two international conferences, in Galway (Ireland) and Brighton & Hove (UK)
  • We publicised the project and its outputs to practitioners and policy makers
  • Journal articles and book chapters have been and will continue to be published over the coming years.