Använd länkarna nedan för att ladda ner resursertill våra projekt. Här lägger vi till nya resurser allt eftersom vårt projektutvecklas.


B4C Toolkit English Part 1 3  B4C Toolkit English Part 4  B4C Toolkit English part 5

Break4Change föräldragrupp, Sweden

NVR Handbook for Practitioners

Power2Change Ireland

Frågeformulär för självbedömning

Frågeformulär för självbedömning inom RCPV projektet

Please find here presentations from the Responding to Child to Parent Violence European Perspectives conference on 28th - 29th Jan 2015:

Break4Change Presentation Brighton Conference January 2015

Respect Young peoples programme Kate Iwi Julia Worms

Motivational models and CPV How to design a treatment programme Jose Luis Sancho

Cathy Press Whos In Charge Brighton 2015

DoCCFS Ireland Maurice McKoy Response to Family Violence

E Lauster Awareness raising of CPV for practitioners in Ireland Brighton Jan 2015 Presentation 29th Jan

Remy Vink TNO Netherlands the Link between CPV and family violence Netherlands Brighton 2015

Bulgaria Lydia Zagorova final 1 of 2

Bulgaria Lydia Zagorova final 2 of 2

Please find here presentations from the Galway 'Child to Parent Violence: Innovations in Practice, Policy and Research' conference on 12th - 13th June 2014:

Gender and CPV Workshop 12 June 2014  WIC Ireland 2014C Press  CPV N Patuleia  Nonviolence and a focus on the child P Jakob  Non Violent Resistance Presentation A Quinn Galway multi stress NVR 2014 P Jakob



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Newsletter 2: CPV Conference Galway 

RCPV Ireland Press Book May July 2014

Press Release on CPV Conference 12 13 June 2014 NUI Galway

Newsletter 1: Smolyan Conference, Bulgaria

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