The Responding to Child to Parent Violence research strategy will maximise the impact of our project by pooling resources both within and across our European partner countries and by ensuring that dissemination is central to everything we do.

Individual country profiles on child to parent violence and cross country comparison

  • Each partner country will be carrying out research to discover the following:
  • The extent of knowledge on child to parent violence and abuse
  • Measures and models of intervention currently in use and the optimal ways in which they function and what the Influences are on measures used
  • Ways of addressing and resisting gender inequalities and power relations
  • Where there are gaps in provision

The data collected by each country will be analysed to develop cross country comparisons.

Practitioners' Views and Experiences

More than fifty practitioners will volunteer to participate in Non-Violent Resistance and Break 4 Change training, and complete a Self-Efficacy questionnaire pre and post training. These questionnaires will capture their confidence and skills levels in working with parents and young people on child to parent violence, the agency context in which they are working as well as data on the practitioner him/herself, their work and caseload

Professionals' initial views on the effectiveness of training will be monitored. A follow up questionnaire will be sent 5 months post training to assess how the training has impacted on professionals' practice and a smaller sample of practitioners will be interviewed in depth on their experiences of working with child to parent violence.

Parents' and Young People's Views and Experiences

A sample of 25 parents who have experienced violence from their children and who have experienced a child to parent violence intervention programme will be interviewed.

A sample of 25 Young People (16-18 years old) who have been violent to their parents/carers will also be interviewed. This age group has been chosen as they are deemed competent to give informed consent and because of their increased ability to reflect on their experiences of the intervention programme .

Interviews will be carried out by University of Brighton researchers for the most part but some may be carried out by partner's organisations.

Feeding research findings into ongoing policy discussion and dissemination through web site, publication and DVDs

RCPV Project Films

RCPV Action Research Project Findings Film

RCPV Definitions of Child to Parent Violence Film

Please use the links below to download our project research reports:

RCPV Project Final Reports: Executive Summary

RCPV Executive Summary May 2015 English

RCPV Executive Summary: Gaelic 

Final Project Reports: Workstreams

RCPV WS1 report final 1 May zipped 

Research and Data Mapping of CPV across Europe: Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

RCPV WS2 Report Final 1 May pdf

Development of Guidelines, Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for CPV Interventions

RCPV WS3 Report FINAL 1 May 2015 pdf

Development of Self-Efficacy Tools for CPV Professionals

RCPV WS4 Report FINAL 1 May 2015 pdf

Training and Learning Programme to Raise Awareness and Build Resilience

RCPV WS5 Report FINAL 1 May 2015 pdf

Dissemination and Valorisation

Country Reports

RCPV Bulgaria Country Report

RCPV England Country Report

RCPV Ireland Country Report

RCPV Spain Country Report

RCPV Sweden Country Report