25th September - wear orange to Say NO to violence against women and girls

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• On 25 September call on artists to join efforts to end violence against women through their chosen form of art!
• Host a film screening, art exhibition or musical concert to draw attention to the issue. Engage participants in a discussion around key issues of violence against women and girls in your community and how artists can be a powerful force for social change.
• Reach out to national and local artists – painters, actors, photographers, poets, dancers, musicians, actors – and invite them to participate or speak at the event. Discuss how you could develop a longer term partnership or local network of artists who are active on the issue.
• If you are an artist, speak out on the issue of violence against women and girls. Share messages and pictures of yourself wearing orange to raise awareness of the pandemic via social media. Has the topic inspired you in your creative projects? Share your poetry, photographs, paintings and songs on the topic at facebook.com/SayNO.UNiTE and twitter.com/SayNO_UNiTE using the hashtag #OrangeDay.
• Do you know of effective initiatives which utilize art as a tool for ending violence against women and girls? Share them at https://www.facebook.com/SayNO.UNiTE.