News from Galway

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As the days grew shorter and cooler in the West of Ireland last autumn, much work continued by the NUI Galway partners, mostly in training and research.  Declan Coogan, Lecturer, MA in Social Work Programme, National University of Ireland Galway and RCPV Project Galway lead has in particular been on the road.  He delivered presentations on Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and the RCPV Project to organisations such as the National Family Support Network on 18 October and the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect on 17 September. In August the Research Assistant post for the project in Galway was filled by Eileen Lauster. She was delighted to join the project and on 18 October she gave a presentation on NVR and the RCPV project to the Local Authority Social Workers & Housing Welfare Officers from all around Ireland.  Declan and Eileen both attended a meeting with practitioners on a successful use of the NVR programme in Limerick on 4 October. NVR is a programme where parents commit to principles of non-violence and being present with their child.

The research on CPV in Ireland is also well in progress. We have gathered information from all the major policy and service organisations in Ireland. We are compiling data from the surveys with the Probation Services and have transcribed an interview with the staff of COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge Centre. We look forward to sharing the findings of all this work with all the partner countries.